Field Target round with traditional equipment

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Jan 30, 2002
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Do most clubs have different shooting positions for traditional shooters? I shot my first field round today and there are targets of 80, 70, 60 yards. There are multiple shooting positions, but again, they are back to 80 yards. Are there supposed to be intermediate shooting stakes?

I've been to the NFAA website, but they don't define any positions for the targets. The rules for classes are very specific and I'm glad that there is a class for traditional and freestyle recurve/longbow. I left a note about this question on their website.

I'll contact my club people and see if I can add some shooting positions if warranted.

This last week I shot a tournament west of Eugene, Oregon, which had hosted the state NFAA Field Target shoot. What a nice shooting facility, one of the best in Oregon. I think I'll try to attend that event next year, when I find out how to compete. The shoot I was involved in was primarily a compound shoot and traditional shooters (3 out of 300), could walk up to 50 yards as a maximum distance, (still a huge challenge).

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