Fire danger very high statewide


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Nov 18, 2002
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Fire danger very high statewide

August 5, 2004

State wildfire officials today announced that fire danger is very high in various locations throughout Michigan.

Recent rains and have not produced widespread, adequate rainfall in all areas. Local fire danger conditions vary widely due to this type of spotty precipitation. While the fire danger is moderate in some locations, much of northern Michigan will experience High and Very High wildfire potential until those areas receive significant rainfall. Dried grass and pine needles easily ignite, creating conditions for fires to spread rapidly.

While lightning has been the cause of several fires, improperly extinguished campfires and debris fires have been the leading cause of wildfires so far this season. To maximize safety during outdoor burning, remember to: completely extinguish debris fires and/or campfires; never leave a fire unattended; use plenty of water to extinguish your fire and wet everything thoroughly, especially the undersides of unburned pieces; stir the ashes to find any remaining hot spots and extinguish them with more water; do not simply bury your fire with soil as, in most cases, dry soils present in most areas will not extinguish the fire; never leave a child unattended near a fire; and, have a garden hose or other source of water nearby in case your fire begins to escape.

If your fire does escape your control, call for help immediately.

DNR officials urge everyone to exercise extreme caution with all outdoor fires, and remember to obtain a burn permit before doing any outdoor burning. Burn permits are required for any outdoor burning, and are issued only for burning leaves, brush or stumps. Burning of other materials is prohibited. During periods of high fire danger, permits may be restricted or not issued at all.

For more information on where to obtain a burn permit, the latest fire statistics and wildfire safety, click here.
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