First-Ever National Fishing and Boating Week


Mar 11, 2001
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First-Ever National Fishing and Boating Week; Hundreds of Hands-On Events Planned Across the Nation

   ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- National Fishing and Boating Week
will take place from June 1 - 10, with national kick-off activities in
Washington, DC, and hundreds of local events in communities across the
country.  Events will provide opportunities for families and friends to share
fun, quality time together while learning about two of our nation's favorite
pastimes -- recreational boating and fishing.
   "Today's families are busier than ever," said Bruce Matthews, President
and CEO of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF). "We hope
people will shut down their computers, turn off their televisions and
rediscover how recreational boating and fishing offer meaningful, quality time
to re-connect with family, friends, and the environment.  It's hard not to
relax when you are on the water."
   Studies show that today's families are facing many challenges when it
comes to spending time together -- parents are overworked, children are
overscheduled, and quality family time is a rare commodity.  In fact, over the
past 20 years:

   * Children's playtime has declined by 25% and unstructured outdoor
     activities have declined by 50%;
   * Family dinners have decreased by 33%; and
   * Family vacations have decreased by 28%

   Fishing and boating provide a positive experience that the entire family
can enjoy together.

   * Over one dozen studies have shown that being with family and friends,
     relaxing, and being outdoors and close to nature are the primary reasons
     people boat and fish.
   * Many Americans believe that outdoor recreation strengthens the family as
     a unit and the children as individuals.
   * Studies also show that people who participate frequently in outdoor
     recreation are more satisfied with life overall.

   There is no better time to learn more about recreational fishing and
boating and experience these benefits first hand than during National Fishing
and Boating Week.
   Events are planned for families, children and seniors, and include fishing
and boating festivals, educational events, boating demonstrations and many
other hands-on activities for participants of all ages.  From knot tying, to
casting, to properly releasing your catch, National Fishing and Boating Week
Events will provide a fun, exciting, and enriching experience for the entire
   In addition to being a great way to reconnect, many Americans see
participation in outdoor recreation as one of the main reasons to protect the
environment.  Nearly nine in ten Americans say outdoor recreation benefits the
environment because it gives people a reason to care about natural resources.
   For information about local events, log on to .  Not only will visitors find a
complete listing of events near their homes or vacation destinations, they can
also find dates of state sponsored free fishing days (no fishing license
required) offered throughout the country.
   National Fishing and Boating Week is a key component of the Recreational
Boating and Fishing Foundation's national awareness campaign, Water Works
   "Fishing and boating are favorite American pastimes that promote family
values and cohesiveness, as well as provide wholesome recreational outdoor
activities," added Matthews.  "As a component of the Water Works Wonders™
campaign, National Fishing and Boating Week is designed to encourage angler
and boater participation by providing an opportunity to try, to learn, and to
discover for themselves that boating and fishing are unmatched leisure
activities for true connection with family, friends and the natural
   For additional information about National Fishing and Boating Week, visit , or call Kirk Gillis, RBFF
Communications Manager, at 703-519-0013.

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