First Meal Out Since the Virus Outbreak


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Mar 3, 2006
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So behind on posting stuff but here u go.
So since the outbreak in March me and my wife have not eaten out at all, no restaurants or fast food ,I have made every breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last 4 months. My bday was last month and I told my wife I want a pizza for my bday, wtf I am
So we went to Papa John's to get a no contact pizza I was fully dressed with gloves and mask. They had a desk behnde front of the door I placed my order then chilled in the suv with my wife till it was ready.
Just wanted a classic sauce and cheese pizza well done with a light and airy crispy crust.
Man did they come though, it was just the way I wanted it and it was so FREEKING good! We sat in the suv and scarfed it down. Very satisfied for my bday wish. But that's it I don't think we will b eaten out again for awhile and if we do it will probably just b a pizza agian. Whos knows when we will ever go back to a restaurant to eat, thank god I am a great cook and chef.
Anyone else been holding out from eaten out since vf the Outbreak?....tra





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Dec 11, 2019
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Congrats on your discipline! I have been doing the same exact thing for my family since the lock down. Every single meal for my wife and our two kids was made at home from groceries we had delivered. In the last couple of weeks we got takeout twice, once from a bbq place and another was pizza from Round Table. Each time we were out of the house for extended periods of time and needed to eat. We used to eat out constantly and honestly, we don't really miss it (even though those two meals were delicious!). I work from home since the pandemic and my wife has to go to work at a health clinic. She and my son have every asthma so we have been extra specially cautious, more so than everyone we know (everyone thinks we are out of our minds). But we are staying strong and saving a ton of money by not eating out and not going on trips every weekend like we used to. As long as we stay healthy we will emerge from this trying time much stronger as a family and ready to make some major moves in the next couple years.

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