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Captain Jack in Sac

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Jan 4, 2008
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Well I have never actually gone fresh water fishing until yesterday. My father always tried to get me to go and fish with him when I was a kid. Inever wanted to go, but was taken a couple times and I just farted around on the banks. I liked making Shad darts at home with him and painting them, but that was it.

Well I got an invite from a couple friends last week and thought I would give it a try. One of them has the only boat allowed on the water and was a 4 mile long private tributary. From what I was told it would be a fishing trip of a lifetime and I shouldn't turn it down. The tributary was on the bottom of the spillway and carved into a canyon. There was a lot of action with the Trout, great sceneary and lots of wildlife. Thought I would share a couple pictures with the rest of you. Kevin the host, has several Wood Duck boxes along the shoreline. This made for a couple interesting pictures.

The old irrigation or feeder canals from the early 1900's

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