Fish spill leaves lingering stench in downtown Oroville


Mar 11, 2001
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April 05, 2002

Fish spill leaves lingering stench in downtown Oroville

By MICHAEL L. WHITELEY - Oroville Mercury-Register

OROVILLE - A Department of Fish and Game truck Thursday spilled emulsified fish on Montgomery Street between Second and Third streets in downtown Oroville, leaving residents in the area with a horrendous smell.

The hopper was carrying the fish to the Oroville Wildlife Area.

Residents called the city to complain about the smell. The city responded by sending a water truck in hopes of dispersing the dead fish and diluting the smell. Unfortunately, the water truck ended up causing the smell to be spread instead of removed.

When a Fish and Game cleanup team arrived on the scene, they scrubbed the street with a environmentally-safe citrus cleaner for nearly two hours. The scrubbing helped lessen the stench.

The cleanup team which indicated the hopper had chosen the trip down Montgomery as an alternative to their regular rural rough route.

Besides the obnoxious odor, their was no reported harm in the incident.

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