Fish St. Louis Web page


Fish St. Louis Web page


Tim Renken, St. Louis Dispatch

Some anglers regularly complain that there are no good places to fish close to St. Louis.

There are good places, many of them. And finding them and other information on fishing in this area got easier with the creation of a new Web page, Fish St. Louis,

The page is produced by the St. Louis regional office of the Missouri Department of Conservation. It is the office's response to a survey that showed fishing participation is declining here.

Among the Fish St. Louis features are a list of fishing ponds and lakes, by county, in all of the area's eight counties. Clicking on a lake name brings up a page of information on the lake, including the species of fish in the lake, the quality of that fishing and special regulations. Also provided are other features of that area, such as hiking trails, birding and hunting opportunity, etc.

The page also contains information on fishing classes, special events, a weekly statewide fishing report and many other features of interest to anglers.

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