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Jul 20, 2006
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KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen - Anglers found the best salmon fishing so far this season on the lower Klamath. Some boats scored four Chinooks, mostly at Blake's and Starwin riffles. Big steelhead, including a 17-pounder, were entering the river in increasing numbers, indicating another banner season. Spinners like the CV-7 in chartreuse and green or in natural were accounting for most of the fish. o anchor up.AMERICAN RIVER - The water is still cold, so the shad bite has been soft on mini-jigs weighted a little more than usual to get them deep in the high flows. But high flows have attracted more fish, including salmon and striped bass, to enter the American. Remember that starting Tuesday, no salmon may be kept in Central Valley streams. There likely will be little water left in Folsom for returning salmon this fall, and what water is available is likely to be too warm for successful spawning.CAMANCHE LAKE - Catfish anglers did well; bass anglers not bad. Trout trollers worked the main lake, pulling Rapalas 20 to 30 feet down. Trout to 8 pounds were caught by trollers. Other productive lures: Apexes, Ex-Cel spoons and hoochies behind a dodger. Lake managers seek volunteers to help distribute the annual plant of Florida largemouths. You'll need to provide the boat.EMERYVILLE - The fleet got into halibut, striped bass and rockfish, but the big bite was at Mel's Reef with the rest of the fishermen in North America. Capt. Jay Yokomizo on the New Huck Finn reported 37 halibut and 32 stripers for Saturday's 21-man charter. On Sunday, a light charter of 12 anglers scored 24 bass and 16 halibut.

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