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Jul 20, 2006
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LAKE BERRYESSA - The Ranch House produced kokanee and trout 45 to 62 feet deep on Sep's 3/0 water-melon-colored dodger and an Uncle Larry's copper pop spinner or pink and blue Hoochies. Efforts resulted in trout to 21 inches and kokanee to 16.Adding corn and gel from Pro Cure in
the kokanee "special scent" was necessary for kokes.LAKE ALMANOR - From Goose Island down to Almanor West and all over the Prattville area, fish gorged themselves on Almanor's Hex Hatch. Most of the fish being caught were brown trout. All have been over 21/ 2 pounds.BERKELEY - It's been great fishing for halibut and striped bass, with the slower tides offering options at deeper spots in the main bay. Top spots were Alcatraz and Treasure islands for halibut, and Blossom Rock, Mel's Reef and Angel Island for striper.
EUREKA -- Day surf smelt are rolling up on the beaches in numbers not seen for years, and even tourists wandering Mad River and Freshwater Lagoon beaches are scrabbling some fish with their hands. The netters are making big hauls. Night smelt are still running too. The ocean bumped up after a couple days calm going into the weekend, but when it conditions were mild, the surfperch and jetty rockfish action was great. One south jetty angler scored ling limits a few days in a row, along with some big black rockfish.

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