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Mar 11, 2001
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3 allegedly made bombs for fishing

By COLLEEN KRANTZ Register Staff Writer
Iowa City, Ia. - The three University of Iowa students arrested last week for making pipe bombs in a residence hall planned to hurt no one, officials said Monday.

They only wanted to do a little fishing.

The two 19-year-olds and one 18-year-old were going to drop the pipe bombs in a pond or river to kill or stun fish, said Duane Papke, associate director of the U of I Department of Public Safety. "It was all going to be a fishing expedition later down the road," he said.

Burge Residence Hall was evacuated Thursday night for about 90 minutes after a student told authorities of the pipe bombs in one of the student's rooms.

No one was injured, and the three pipe bombs were removed without incident.

Adam Fisher, 19, of Marion; Nathaniel Krotz, 19, of Ainsworth; and Andrew Ritchie, 18, of Riverside were charged Friday with possession of an explosive device or materials.

They have since been released on bond.

"They had no plans of exploding the devices within the residence halls or anything like that," Papke said. "However, that does not exempt them or lighten the issue.

"The fact is the bombs were made within the residence halls where other persons' lives could have been in jeopardy if they had accidentally gone off," he added.

Dropping a bomb into a body of water to kill large numbers of fish would have been illegal, said Marion Conover, chief of fisheries for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Anyone caught using such methods to catch or kill fish would face a base fine of $145, plus $15 for each fish collected, Conover said.

U of I student Jeff Parker's residence hall room is next to Fisher's room, where the bombs were found.

Fisher "is not some wacky kid. I think it's just a big misunderstanding," said Parker, 18, from Orland Park, Ill.


When I was in the service this was the way we got dinner on some of our deployments. An arty simulator over the side of the Zodia and take your pick. You did have to be careful doing it in the surf as one poor Lt. found out when the charge washed back under his feet. He was not amused by the sandblasting he received.  ~spect17

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