Five-year Hunting and Fishing License Benefiting Sportsmen in 2009


Mar 11, 2001
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Five-year Hunting and Fishing License Benefiting Sportsmen in 2009


Since the start of 2009, nearly 4,000 sportsmen have already taken advantage of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's new, money-saving five-year hunting, fishing or combination licenses.

Authored by State Rep. Randy McDaniel (R - Edmond), House Bill 2667 was signed into law in 2008, creating the five-year licenses that became available for 2009. Senator John Ford (R - Bartlesville) was the Senate author.

"There seemed to be a need," McDaniel said about the process of authoring the bill. "People were asking for something that was in between the annual license and the lifetime license."

The five-year hunting, fishing or combination license not only provides sportsmen an alternative to purchasing an annual license without the expense of a lifetime license, but it also saves money compared to purchasing annual licenses and fishing and hunting legacy permits over the course of five years.

Sportsmen considering a five-year license can choose between the five-year fishing license and the five-year hunting license for $88, or they can purchase a five-year combination hunting and fishing license for $148. Each five-year license also includes the five-year fishing and hunting legacy permit. Normally, hunters and anglers pay $5 each year for the legacy permit, or $25 over five years.

The five-year license provides about a 30 percent savings over purchasing annual licenses and fishing and hunting legacy permits.

Rep. McDaniel said the five-year license is "something we can all take advantage of."

"I'm proud to have one myself," McDaniel said. "I think this is a good product."

Sportsmen who hold a five-year license will still be required to purchase other applicable annual permits such deer and turkey licenses, appropriate waterfowl stamps, land access permits and other permits where required. The five-year fishing, hunting or combination license is available through the Wildlife Department's Web site at or at many sporting goods stores or locations that sells hunting and fishing licenses through the Wildlife Department's internet point of sales system.

Rep. McDaniel is the state's District 83 representative (northwest Oklahoma City) and serves on several House committees, including Tourism and Recreation, for which he is vice chair; Industry and Labor; Arts and Culture; Human Services; and Health. Sen. Ford represents District 29 (northeast Oklahoma).

The Wildlife Department is the state agency charged with conserving Oklahoma's wildlife. It receives no general state tax revenues and is funded by sportsmen through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses and special federal excise taxes on sporting goods.

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