florida fish and game licence question


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on FL fish and game site they state you have to be a resident for 6 months to get a licence. Anyone know if this is true?

I'll be moving there mid summer and cant wait to get out into the scrubs and lakes.


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That's what the law says.

I lived in Florida and moved away. When I moved back I went to get my license and since I had previously had a hunting license the "'system" new when I got my drivers license and would not let me get one for 6 months.

I informed a guy I worked with who had just moved to Florida of this so he would get his drivers licens right away so the countdown would start. He told me a week after getting his drivers livcense he walked into Walmart and bought his license, no problem.

All I would tell you is to get your DL right away.

Where ya moving to?

Good Luck.

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