FOC differences


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Jul 18, 2014
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After 2 misses last year and spending a lot of time searching for arrows and or blood I think I am going to shoot a lighted nock this year. What I am finding is with the lighted nock I have to adjust my aiming points by more that I thought I would have to. I did a bunch of checking and the FOC changes just over 2% from lighted to standard nock. I guess 2% matters. I will shoot the same broadheads assuming they still group where they are supposed to. Right now I am just shooting target points out to 50 yards. I did adjust the sights this morning and my groups are fine with target points. Very obvious for me that I either carry all lighted or all standard nocks. NO mixing in the hunting equipment or on the quiver. The difference is enough that I won't even have standard nocks for practice in the hunting camp.

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