Foreclosures at record high in first half 2009 despite aid


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Jan 16, 2003
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. home foreclosure activity galloped to a record in the first half of the year, overwhelming broad efforts to remedy failing loans while job losses escalated.
Foreclosure filings jumped to a record 1.9 million on more than 1.5 million properties in the first six months of the year, RealtyTrac said on Thursday.

The number of properties drawing filings, which include notices of default and auctions, jumped 9.0 percent from the second half of 2008 and almost 15 percent from the first half of last year.
Loans that were temporarily frozen by various state and federal programs, which mostly ended in March, started pushing through the process in the past three months.

One in every 84 households with loans got at least one foreclosure filing in the first half of this year
The highest unemployment rate in nearly 26 years is the biggest factor keeping homeowners from staying current on monthly payments, Sharga said
Foreclosures at record high in first half 2009 despite aid | Reuters

How about those 3 million new jobs barry promised?

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