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On December 26/ 2014 a good friend and a hunting buddy Xao Her (live2hunt) passed away.
I know a lot of you guys and gals here at JHO know him, specially the thread WHO SAID THERE IS NO PIG IN PUBLIC LAND.
lets say a simple prayer for him and the rest of his family.

Blue sky my friend...........


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Sorry to hear the sad news. He helped out a lot of people on here myself included. Though I never met him he seemed like a good guy and was willing to help and share info. Will miss his posts and his help. Will say a prayer for him and his family.

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How terrible. I'm so sorry. Didn't know him, but enjoyed his posts. He seemed like a great guy.


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One of the nicest, and most helpful members I met on this forum. I owe a lot of credit to him for the success of my elk hunt a few years ago. Prayers for his family.


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Always hate to hear of the passing of a JHO brother. So sad that it happened over the Christmas holidays too. LIVE2HUNT joined us in 2002 and has been around a long time, helping folks out all along the way. Hunt hard, LIVE2HUNT and may you rest in peace.


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Very sorry to hear this. Live2hunt was great on the forum and very helpful. Rest in peace and happy hunting


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I can't believe what I just read. I met the guy once while hunting at upper cottonwood and also had a great conversation with him. Wish I knew the guy better. Anyhow may he rest in peace. Prayers will be sent out to his family as well.


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Sad to hear. His posts about public land pig hunting inspired me to get back into hunting after many years.

Happy hunting Live2Hunt.

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