Forty-Third International BB Gun Championship Match This Weekend In


Mar 11, 2001
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Forty-Third International BB Gun Championship Match This Weekend In Bowling Green, Kentucky


Now in its 43rd year, the International BB Gun Championship Match (IBBGCM), sponsored by Daisy and the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) is as exciting as ever before. If you ask today's best marksmen how they started in the shooting sports, often they will report that it was on a Daisy 5-meter BB gun team when they were ten years old. Certainly many young people who shoot competitively on college airgun teams were once a member of a 5-meter or 10-meter youth team.

There is no doubt that the program has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. In Bowling Green, Kentucky this weekend, on the campus of Western Kentucky University, hundreds of young people will assemble to compete for medals at this NRA-sanctioned match. To qualify for the match, they had to have qualified in a state match. Participating teams are typically sponsored by civic organizations such as the Jaycees, 4-H Shooting Sports, Royal Rangers, National Guard, American Legion and others. Each team is responsible for securing local sponsors and raising funds to travel to the event. This year, in order to help offset fuel costs, Daisy waived registration fees for the 5-meter teams.

Opening and closing ceremonies are an impressive affair, as teams enter the arena together, wearing team colors and proudly posting their state flag. During the week, medals will be won, individuals will be elated and disappointed and friendships will be made. Because many families attend the matches as their family vacation, it is not unusual for up to 500 people to attend and participate in the matches. In addition to the matches themselves, the young people attend a "barter bar" one evening at which they can win prizes and trade items from their state with those brought by other athletes.

Seven-member, five-meter BB gun teams will shoot Daisy's AVANTI Champion model 499, billed as the "world's most accurate BB gun" at paper targets, posted at just under 16 feet. Each team member will compete in four shooting positions: standing, prone, kneeling and sitting. In addition to testing their individual and team marksmanship skills, a written test will be administered to all competitors. The written test covers material in the Daisy 10 Lesson Curriculum, including gun parts, ammunition types, safety rules and range safety, proper carries, sight picture and shooting positions. Often the winning individual or team is determined by the score achieved on this written test.

Additionally, the IBBGCM is host to a 10-meter, 3-position pellet rifle competition, recognizing individual and team winners. Individual youth shoot sporter-classification pellet rifles, such as Daisy's AVANTI Medalist, model 888, Gold Medalist model 887 and the AVANTI Legend, model 853.

Family fun. Competition. Sportsmanship. Marksmanship. It all takes place this 4th of July weekend and into next week at Daisy's International BB Gun Championship Match in Bowling Green, KY.

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