Four Louisiana men plead guilty to deer poaching in Iowa.


Mar 11, 2001
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Four Louisiana men plead guilty to deer poaching in Iowa.


FAIRFIELD, Iowa - Four southern Louisiana men pleaded guilty Thursday to 11 counts of illegally killing deer in Iowa.

The men charged are Cory J. Bailey, 33, of Charenton; Louis J. Landry, 45, and David W. Veillion, 41, both of Morgan City; and Phil J. Blanchard, 42, of Pierre Part.

Fines, forfeitures and other damages totaled $34,860. The men also lost their Iowa hunting privileges for five years and were asked to forfeit four bows and three tree stands used in the hunt.

The case began on Oct. 27 when Missouri Conservation Agent Rob Sulkowski began investigating the hunters near Saint Genevieve, Mo.

A three-day investigation involving officers from Iowa, Missouri and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries revealed that the men were hunting illegally when they killed the deer near Lockridge in Jefferson County, officials said.

Iowa conservation officers filed 44 charges in Jefferson County Magistrate Court in Fairfield on Oct. 30, but the state's natural resources agency reduced the number of charges to 22 as part of an agreement for the men to return to Iowa and appear in court.

Each of the charges carries a fine of $100 and $45 in costs and surcharges.

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