Fox News Cover Hunt Preserve Ban Bill in Maine


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Well this is always a touchy subject for most. A 100 acres isn't very big though. I am sitting here looking out the window at my 10 surrounded by another 110 owned by a small cattle rancher and others who have not built yet. These hunts aren't for me.
What would be next? Banning hunting clubs releasing flighted birds and hunting them. Dog competitions with no live birds allowed.
Wether I like it or not doesn't matter I do not want to see any hunting rights taken away as it starts with the small stuff. Then that doesn't satisfy the group pushing the bill because they truly want all hunting stopped. Give an inch they take a mile.
We have too many government regs as it is. Times are tough in the global economy I am sure they could find more constructive ways to legislate their state. The boston Tea Party Happened because they were over taxed. I am wondering what are forefathers would say about where we are now.
I say let them eat meat!


We have invited Mr. Casavant to our preserve, but he choose's to speak without any real knowledge.
I think it should be the responsibility of the sponsor of a bill to actually do his homework and that includes visiting a business whom he is trying to put out of business!

Alan M. Casavant (D)
137 district
Phone: 207-284-4690
Location: 22 Meetinghouse Road
Biddeford, ME 04005

Home E-Mail: [email protected]
Alternate E-Mail: [email protected]
State House E-Mail: [email protected]

My invitation to Mr. Casavant..........

Mr Casavant,

I would like to personally invite you to visit our preserve. I would like you to see first hand the kind of business you so condemn. I promise to be respectful and not do anything but show you how it really is. Many of the animals are born in the preserve and are very wild and my farm deer are raised to be very wary of strangers. You will see this first hand if you visit my farm. When we release a farm deer into the preserve ,they join the preserve herd which is very well skilled in avoiding humans.

When we ship a traumatized animal to slaughter they are dispatched that day, while standing in a stock trailer. When I release deer into the preserve, there is absolutely no guarantee when they will be harvested. Therefore the animal life is extended beyond the day of entry. We harvested a stag last fall that had been in the preserve for 5 years, he was 4 years old going into the preserve.

An animal harvested within the preserve is dispatched without knowing his immediate fate, the traumatized deer going to slaughter is dispatched that day......No comparison.

I respect you sponsoring a controversial bill but you owe it to your constituents and the business you oppose to know the facts, not just what the Maine Friends of Animals have told you.

Mark Luce
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WABI TV in Bangor Maine aired a piece on our preserve last night and one of the questions asked our opponent was: "Have you ever visited a hunt preserve"?................Their answer was "NO"!

Within one hour of this piece airing and guess who emailed me...........Mr. Casavant!

Mr. Casavant's reply...Now will he actually show:

Thank you, Mark, for your invitation. Hopefully, I will be able to take you up on it, one of these days. I appreciate your tone and your explanation of your business. I think that you also understand why I sponsored the bill: that I was asked by constituents. It is all part of the process, and if it did anything, it increased the debate and knowledge of the business. I am not sure what will ultimately happen within the committee during the workshop, as they will discuss and debate the merits, I am sure. Clearly, the thoughts on this issue are subjective. There is a wide range of feeling on it, as it can be, for many, an emotional issue. So I don't believe, per se, that there is a wrong or a right answer to the question, but it is all about one's point of view. I feel that you very ably defended your point of view, and your web site presents a clear view of the business. I appreciate that you contacted me. When things settle down, I will contact you.



The bill to kill our hunt preserve, L.D. 560 was killed in committee. A unanimous vote from the 13 member committee of "ought not to pass L.D. 560" rang out!......The bill to kill our hunt preserves was dead!
That was a great relief now we just need to let the "world" know that we prevailed .....

Fox news is going to do an update as to our victory and that should help.....Our local stations are also going to run an update. Overall I was very pleased with how respectful the media was and continues to be.

...........This would hopefully restart the inquiry's that should be coming in now, they all but ceased just after the news broke. I've had a couple inquiry's where they specifically asked me what would happen if the ban was imposed.
The good side of the first report was that we received a great deal of out of state support as far as letters and emails to the committee members. Those emails and letters were heard. We also gained the support of the NRA, SCI and the largest deer farming organization in the U.S.. The North American Deer and Elk Farmers Association will be paying for a lobbyist to fight the other two bills . Those bills were to expand species and expand the number of preserves. They are also going to pay for my daughter Skye to apprentice with the lobbyist as this unfolds. A great opportunity for Skye......Skye has been offered a job with a lobbing firm if she can help theses other two bills through the process.....We were served up lemons and we are making lemonade !

Our opponents were very respectful and did not have anything negative to say at this work session. It was very unusual and Mr Casavant is now communicating with me and is going to come by for a tour. Mr. Casavant told me that he learned a great deal through this process and has a very different opinion of hunt preserves in Maine.........
This is the same Allan Casavant that was extremely critical of hunt preserves on the Fox interview! ............... It's funny how a little education can really change even the brightest minds. :)

The Committee Members told us we did a great job with the media to educate them of the value of hunt preserve in Maine! :cool:


The word of our victory is starting to surface......

Game parks still open

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AUGUSTA -- The Legislature's Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee voted 12-0 Wednesday against a bill that would have required large-game shooting areas to close within two years.

The bill, LD 560, is sponsored by Rep. Alan Casavant, D-Biddeford.


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