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Mar 11, 2001
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This is just to try and lighten my email some and cut down on the repeat posts on the forum. Please READ the webpages on how to make the game cameras, most of your questions are answered there. Also, please PLEASE!!!! use the "Search" function on this forum to find many posts that already cover your questions. Since some of the subjects have been answered many times before you may not get the response from those who have already typed out replies many times before. If after all that you still have questions feel free to post them here.

Can I rip off the plans for the homebrew game cameras or sell the homebrew game cameras?

The plans and images are copyrighted. Selling our plans is not authorized. We didn't start this projct to get rich. Claiming to have designed or thought up these homebrew game cameras is also not advised. If you want to sell our game cameras all we ask is that you put a link on your eBay auction or webpage to the homebrew webpage. The homebrew game camera link is

If you want to use our text or images please email me for authorization, we have done this for several people already.

Why don't you use a digital camera?

We now have plans to modify a digital camera thanks to Brian and a few others. The link to the digital camera mod is on the main homebrew webpage at the top.

I keep getting a bunch of pics at my feeder of the same deer, can I wire in a timer?

Timer kits are available and the links are posted with each section on the homebrew webpage. There are also several topics here covering timers very well. Please use the "Search" function.

I can't find any cameras, what can I do?

Keep searching and have patience. Check weekly or daily if you can. Circuit City, Sears Ritz, and a few others have the  the Owl PFs. Ebay is a good place to look. If you find a new source not listed please post to let everyone know of the source. Seek and ye shall find.

Will my X brand camera work?

Don't know. Most cameras go into a sleep mode and need a half press of the shutter or a refresh pulse to wake them back up. The cameras we use here don't need the refresh pulse or half press of the shutter. The only way to find out if your camera will work is to turn it on and see if it will trigger the shutter several hours later. You're on your own if you decide to rip it apart to see about wiring it. Whenever we get some brave soul to do this we will post the results on the "Other Cameras" webpage. We have mods for many cameras that are readily available. Please don't email asking me about the camera you have, if it's not listed I simply don't know. Again, please use the "Search" function to look for previous posts about the camera you have.

Will my X Brand sensor work?

Don't know. All the info we have on sensors is listed on my webpage and several other people's webpages and in the posts here. We have figured out hacks for several sensors that are readily available. If you want to try to hack another sensor let us know how it turns out. We have found from testing that the indoor use PIR sensors and burglar alarm PIR sensors DO NOT work below freezing (32 F degrees), very well. The outdoor PIRS sensors we use have been tested and work well under freezing temps. Again, please use the "Search" function to look for previous posts about the sensor you have. Please don't email asking me about the sensor you have, if it's not listed I simply don't know.

Will you sell or trade me a camera unit?

Sorry, but I just don't have the time to make these units for sale or trade. Search in your local area for someone who is handy enough to help you out. High school shop classes or the local Boy Scout troop might want to do this as a project. HAM radio operators like to tinker and you might be able to barter with them for some help.There is help out there, you just have to find it.

What is the best camera to use?

The Canon Sure Shot Owl PF has the best flash for night pics, out to 35 feet. It also is easy to modify and has a LED pic frame indicator and battery level display. The other cameras are good with flash ranges of about 25 feet for night pics.

What is the best sensor to use?

The Radio Shack 49-425 and Lamson/GE sensor use a 9 vdc battery and use small amounts of battery juice. You can also make the housing smaller with these two sensors compared to the Regent/Mainstay. The Regent/Mainstay sensor uses more battery juice so you'll have to use a bigger battery like a gel cell or 6 vdc lantern battery unless you use Jon5's low power mod with this sensor. If you want a small game camera unit go with the Lamson or Radio Shack. Brian on the forum here also makes and sells his own sensor board that has the smallest battery drain.

Why Don't You Have Any Pic Contests?

Pic contests have casused some heartburn on several other forums. We tried it here and it didn't work out. As much as we would like to have a pic contest, the mess isn't worth it.

Also, please scroll down a few pages of the posts already here, more than likely there is a thread about your question already and an answer.

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