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Fun & Games with my 30-06


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Got out to the 200 yard range today with my Vanguard and sent about 30 rounds towards the targets from 3 different boxes of factory ammo.
My best groups ever at 200 yards were 3.5" & haven't shot the 30-06 in about 6 weeks, so insert here excuses about operator errors, cross wind, flinching.....
Today 5.5" was about the best I could manage.

The Barnes 180gr (or 165gr) has always grouped best for me & my Weatherby (series1, B&C Medallion stock & Timney trigger)
View attachment 86578

and with the contender today; Hornaday "FULL BOAR" 165gr (grey box), again clearly the winner was the Barnes
(I could hardly keep the 'Boar' on the 8.5x11" paper) this is the best target of 2 targets I was slinging the 'Boar' rounds at:

View attachment 86579

Now the twist today was another box I grabbed of Hornaday, also with the GMX bullet at 165gr (in a red box).
Almost didn't shoot it as I thought it must be the exact same stuff, but reading the box noticed it says 2940fps.
Faster than their 'Boar' (2800fps) and even more so than the Barnes (2700fps).
A few rounds to sight the impacts (higher of course) and behold a 5.5" group!

View attachment 86580

Pays to read the fine print.
Though I'll have to try some more. Surprised at what 140fps might do?


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should still do a deer, taking my Browning 06 BOSS out to get a zero at 200 yards on the first with cheepy leaded ammo and a new box of non-leaded 165 gr. the final will be with the Non-leaded. will get back to you all with the results.


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I'm getting set up for pig.

Good to hear you all have best luck with 165~168 gr.
Seems so odd that its hard to find in stock around me.
Had to get City Arms in Pacifica to special order me some Nosler & these Hornaday's in 165.
On occasion Dick's or a few other stores might have 165gr, but they all seem to stock up on plenty of 150gr.; which my Weatherby doesn't spit out so well.

Dick's just happened to have the one box of Hornaday Supreme GMX in 165 so I thought I try.


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my vanguard likes the nosler 125gr balastic tip and hornady 150gr sst handloads at a hundred meters they both shoot at around 1/2 inch, same in my mod 70win,ive never shot a factory load in either, i hope i can find a load that will shoot that good when i have to change to non lead


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ross1897 ~ I can see there are advantages to hand loading, but just not in the cards for me now. Maybe in a few years when I retire.
What caliber is your Vanguard? Another quest I had was trying to decide wether to free float or leave the Standard pressure point Weatherby has in their stocks, at least in the ' long Action' riffles.
I just shaved off the ones that came on the Bell & Carlson stock I got & didn't notice much of a difference (if anything its worse).

As mentioned the Vanguard can shoot "Sub-MOA", just wish I could ;)

Non-Lead always seemed the way to go for me, though I tried a few boxes of various loads.
Curiously none seemed to shoot any better than the copper, for me.


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When you go shoot 30 rounds does it take about 5 hours because the barrel gets to hot after 3 shells to get accurate results and it takes about 30 minutes to cool the barrel after 3 rounds. In a normal hunting situation with a rifle you are going to go shoot 1 to 3 times in a matter of seconds. At 200 yards I would expect the groupings to be a lot better. It sounds like you do quite a bit of shooting. My 25-06 and 7mm Weatherby Vanguards are tack drivers but I have not shot any copper rounds through them yet. I shoot the 160g Nosler Partitions in the 7mm and 115g Nosler Partitions in the 25-06. Both shoot groups under 3" at 200 yards for 3 shoots. When I move up to five shots at a time the pattern can get up to about 8" but it's not the bullets it's the heat of the barrel in my opinion.

I also have (3) 30-06 Remington 700's. They all absolutly love the Remington Core-Lokt ammo. I have each one sighted in with a different grain amo. 150, 165 and 180 grain. Each of these guns will shoot holes touching at 100 yards and 1.5" at 200" yards. I've found that these three guns will also shoot the Winchester E-Tip lead Free in the same grains without having to re-site my gun in. Just plug and go.

All 5 of these guns also have one thing in common. They are have a 3x9 Leupold mounted on them.

The Last gun I shot a lot is a Howa 270 and is an absolute blast to shoot. This is the inital gun I carried when hunting pigs and deer in the lead free zone. I shoot the Winchester Super-X 130 grain lead free in it. On zero wind days I can get this gun to shoot 5" groups out at 500 yards. However it is mounted with a Nikko Stirling 10-50x60 Target Master and shoots absolutly unreal. I have taken Antelope and multiple coyotes at long range with this thing.

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