FWC passes prohibition on permanent duck blinds on four lakes


Mar 11, 2001
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FWC passes prohibition on permanent duck blinds on four lakes


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has approved a draft rule prohibiting anyone from hunting in or near a permanent duck blind on four lakes near Tallahassee.

The lakes are Miccosukee, Iamonia, Carr and Jackson. Following final review of the draft rule at the FWC's September meeting, the rule will take effect prior to the fall waterfowl season.

Under the rule, no one can duck hunt within 30 yards of a permanent blind. A permanent blind is defined as anything that provides shelter, cover or concealment for a hunter but does not include any rooted vegetation. Neither does it include any temporary blind used only while the hunter is present.

The FWC took action to ban hunting from permanent blinds on the four lakes as a result of continuing conflicts between the people who build them and claim ownership on sovereign state lands and others who use the same area. In addition, FWC officials say constructing the blinds on public lakes is a violation of existing Florida Statutes.

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