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FYI-Pending Legislation, a little off topic


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For those of you that are pro-active, please let your legislators know you support House Bill number 200, legalizing the use of "connibear" style traps in the state of MA (if you agree, lol-no pressure here).

Text of the Bill as proposed


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(Letter to the editor, Telegram and Gazette)

Friday, October 3, 2003

Support reinstatement of Conibear-type traps

Multiple signatures

We support pending legislation, Home Rule 200. If enacted, this law would reinstate Conibear-type traps for trapping beavers and muskrats.

We are middle-school students in a "Project Citizen Group," who identified beaver overpopulation, and the private and public damage of property beavers cause, as a major problem. Since ballot Question 1 (which outlawed Conibear-type traps) was passed in 1996, the beaver population has done extensive damage to state and town roads, contaminated public and private septic systems and wells, derailed trains, reduced agricultural land and forestry products and damaged cemeteries. The costs of these problems have to be paid by municipalities, landowners, state agencies and private citizens.

We feel that this pending legislation is the only way to effectively manage the beaver problem. We do understand that Question 1 was intended to outlaw inhumane traps. The Conibear-type trap is widely accepted as a humane trap, as it produces "instant-kill" and is placed under water or ice (other animals could not accidentally become trapped).

The American Veterinary Medical Association stated, "Trapping is a useful and necessary method for managing these populations. Trapping devices that cause instant death ... are acceptable."

We urge everyone to please contact their senators and representatives to voice their support for Home Rule 200.

Erin Stevens, Todd Stewart
Advisers, Project Citizen Group
Quabbin Regional Middle School, Barre

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter also was signed by students Liz Borowy, Brieana Capone, Danielle DelaGorgendiere, Elyse Johnson, Caitlin Kroyman, Stephanie Pollard, Tricia Richardson, Ashley Stevens, Will Stevens, Sean Trimby and Ashley Wiseman.


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i also hear from my dad since he has a L.T.C. when he renews he will have to take a firearm saftey course??

that is just silly. i am glad i am moving to maien in a year!

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