Game cam pics appear to show another mountain lion in north-central Kansas

Shady Meadows Gundogs

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Oct 9, 2009
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Yep, we got lots of them. Called one in turkey hunting last year. All the local conservation departments used to deny they had reintroduced them but they are owning up to it now. Thanks for lieing to us all those years MODOC and KDWP! :mooning: Next time I'm going to shoot it and put it on their doorstep. I have a brown male who's territory is north of us and a little on the west side and a black male that comes within a mile of us on the south. Seen a female with 2 kittens last spring and the wife almost hit a young one with her jeep last year. My neighbor on the east has found 2 of his calves 6 foot up in tree's half eaten. Now that ate no bobcat or ferrel cat doing that!

Also, a farmer down the road hit one with a radio collar a couple years ago and within 2 hours, it was gone. Hmmmm wonder who might have picked that one up? LOL

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