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Howdy all,
I have six of the Bushnell night-vision gamecams--don't bother buying them!
the resolution is horrible, and the night-vision is a joke--the infrared beams don't go further than about 2-3 feet from the camera, and they project a cone of light that ends up being a green circle on the pics.
Save your money and buy a Leaf River or Cuddleback model instead.
My $0.02.


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I bought the wildgame innovations timber eye and am very pleased with the camera. It is 5mp and the IR could be a little stronger, but it still takes a pretty good night vision and night movies. The incandescent flash is very clear at night. I would recomend it to others. Very easy to set up and down load the pictures.:smiley-thumbs-up:


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sorry, I couldn't find any reviews.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an entry level game camera or tips?



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Moultrie D 40

Calisdad, I recommend the Moultrie D 40 for starters. I have 5 of them and have never had any problems with them. Not bad for price, you can pick them up for around 99.00 or 10.00 cheaper on ebay. There is always a debate between Flash and No Flash cameras but I use both and it depends on what animals or area you are targeting. I have found that most animals do not "spook" due to the flash. Coyote's are always cautious by nature and usually do not stick around very long when the camera goes off. I also use the Cuddeback No Flash camera, its a bit more expensive but takes great video's. Trigger speed, camera detection zone and battery life are all things to consider when buying a trail camera, but finding a camera in your budget is important too. Some camera's can cost up to 700.00 or more. A high price if one day you go out to retrieve your camera and its gone! Trail camera's or "camming" is highly addictive once you buy one it may not be long before you ask Santa for another one! Good luck and hope this helps.



All of the cameras that have been reviewed look to be pretty old models. I know these cameras have evolved quite a bit. Spectr17 is there another place I should be looking?

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