Garmin GPSmap 60CS question

sean english

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Just bought one of these.
1) The software that comes with it, is only for PC. I have a mac. Went to the website to download it but in there it says its only for pc too. Any suggestions besides buying a pc?

2) I dont know how to enter coordinates to it. Can you tell me how?
Will post more questions later.


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Hmmm, don't know much that would help you with the Mac. Is there a PC emulator out there? Kind of like the Linux stuff? How about Virtual Machine; will it run on a Mac?

I've never used a 60, so I can't tell you how to enter coordinates, but any GPS I've ever worked with was very intuitive. Is there a menu item like "Waypoints" or "Mark"?

sean english

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Thanks Belchfire.
I didnt even know such thing exists. I am gona call garmin and see what they have to offer.

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