Georgia Senate okays deer baiting measure


Mar 11, 2001
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March 27, 2002

Athens Banner Herald

Senate backs deer hunting on baited fields

  ATLANTA -- For the second time this year, the Senate voted Wednesday to make it legal for hunters to shoot deer over baited fields in south Georgia, disregarding critics who said the law would turn deer-hunting into target practice instead of sport.

  Supporters said the proposed law would help thin the deer herd, thereby reducing car-deer collisions and helping farmers and gardeners protect the fruits of their labor.

  The Senate passed a similar bill earlier this session, but a House committee stopped it. In Wednesday's vote, the Senate took its earlier bill and attached it to one which already has passed the House. The amended measure now returns to the House for consideration of the changes.

Jon Bain

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Apr 19, 2001
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Just a quick update.  None of the baiting bills that allowed hunting over bait in GA passed as intended.  The bill that did pass allows GA hunters to harvest 10 does and two bucks with one of the bucks having at least four points on one side.  The only change on the baiting is now instead if it being illegal to hunt within 300 yards or in sight of bait this has been reduced to 200 yards. .  Information on the baiting bill

Another bill that passed allows hunters to release pen raised quail for the purpose of training dogs anytime during the year.  No limit on birds released, but birds can only be shot when training a dog.  Here is the information from GON:

House Bill 1058, the pen-raised quail bill, passed the Senate on March 27, clearing the final hurdle before arriving on the Governor’s desk. However, a floor substitute was introduced in the House that changed the rules as GON originally reported them.
The change in the law now allows all licensed hunters to release and shoot any number of pen-raised quail at any time of year “for purposes of dog training.” Originally the proposal called for a limit on the number of quail that could be released, as well as a restricted season. Those limitations are now completely removed.
Because the language of the bill incorporated “dog training” specifically, anyone buying, releasing and shooting pen-raised quail who doesn’t have a bird dog with them could be cited with a violation. Also, they must have proof of purchase (a receipt) for pen-raised quail with them.
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