Get The Kids Off The Couch And To A Pond Near You!


Mar 11, 2001
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Get The Kids Off The Couch And To A Pond Near You!


Communities across Georgia hosting fishing events this spring and summer

SOCIAL CIRCLE, GEORGIA - Looking for a way to spend more time with your child or grandchild this summer? Introduce them to fishing. Research shows that most people are introduced to fishing by a family member, and most consider a family member to be their best fishing friend. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) encourages adults, especially those with little or no angling experience, to introduce a child to fishing at one of the many statewide kids fishing events (KFEs) scheduled this spring and summer.

"KFEs are popular community activities that introduce both youth and their families to the joys of fishing, and promote a better understanding of the natural environment," says WRD Chief of Fisheries Management John Biagi. "These events provide an opportunity for youth to fish, often for the first time, with assistance from experienced volunteers and in places where the probability of catching a fish is high."

KFEs are sponsored across the state and provide fishing lessons to both children (under age 16) and parents from knowledgeable instructors. WRD co-sponsors most events by providing channel catfish and trout to improve fishing, educational materials for participants and guidance for sponsors. Organizers of KFEs can now provide first-time anglers with a special award certificate downloadable from the WRD Web site at .

"Lessons about life and the importance of nature are often learned and passed between generations while fishing. Fishing provides that rare time when you and your child can relax and talk," Biagi said. "Children who are introduced to fishing today are more likely to continue fishing as adults. In fact, 85 percent of today's freshwater anglers began fishing before they turned 13. In contrast, only eight percent took up fishing as adults - so take them fishing today!"

Take Me Fishing! ™ A recent national survey indicated that 87 percent of Americans believe fishing and boating have a positive effect on family relationships. So take your family fishing and you will always have something in common.

For more information on KFEs in Georgia - including how to host one, tips on fishing with children and a calendar listing events - visit .

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