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Jul 18, 2014
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A friend who has not hunted with his bow for over 30 years has been asking me to help him get started again. He is even older than I am with probably at least as many physical limitations. He is having me order most of the equipment for him. We just spent way more money than I thought we would for arrows and a few lighted nocks from Jerry in Florida. I also just ordered a new target from Bass Pro. A Morrell Yellow Jacket target because of the reviews. We shall see. Hopefully the arrows will pull out easily as advertised. My target is difficult to pull arrows out of at times. I have changed to a homemade target for most of my shooting. I have a very large cardboard box filled with old shopping bags. Cheap and easy arrow removal. I still carry my foam laminated target to camp.
I hope he is not disappointed with the success rates of the typical archery hunt on pubic land in the D zones. He plans to retire soon so he says he can then hunt for a week at a time and that should help.
I already own a decent broadhead only target that is virtually new. I can let him use that to get started. I did not order any broadheads for him yet. He can try some that I have as well as some my son has. No one seems to agree on broadheads. I shoot Magnus Stingers because they shoot really well for me and they have performed great on deer.
Looks like thee could be another guy in my camp during archery season. Only time will tell.

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