Gobbler Down.


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May 22, 2001
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First time this week I have been out. Go there well before light. Went to a spot that one roosted last week. Heard nothing. Saw a few tracks after light so I set up in the strut area. Nothing. Commenced to walking. Not seeing a whole lot of sign.

Head off to the N.E. corner of the property where the is a nice horse pasture I can see if any are out there. On the way a scare off a hen. When I get there I scare off a hen.

Get into a nice pine forest with a lot of sign and set up a blind. Wait 15 minutes and do and excited cutt followed by a series of yelps. 30 minutes later some more soft yelps. 30 minutes later I hear a gobble about 150 yards off to my right. I do one loud cluck and get my gun up. 3 minutes later I see his white head coming through the pines. He starts strutting. He is coming from my right to left. At 35yds he goes behind two pines and I move my gun and get ready. He doesn't come out. I think he saw my barrel move. No bird. 3 minutes later he walks back out to the right strutting. I yelp and he stick up his head and I snood slap him.

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May 2, 2004
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Way to go man, congrats on a nice bird!!!!!!
God Bless

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