Going to Elsinore Monday May 16th


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This will be my first time bow fishing. I have a new AMS reel and AMS arrows. I live in Culver City and was able to get a week day off. Will gladly split gas and boat rental. Would ike if possible to get a little mentoring since I am brand new at this.Wading sounds like a plan I have waders but if its warm of course I won't need them. I haven't been on the forum much in recent years but I have hunted with Jesse himself a while back. If interested in breaking me in just PM me


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If you are going to rent a boat dont wade. They like to be in the shallows to bask at mid day as far as i can tell. Its almost maying season if it hasnt started already. Good luck. If it wasnt during the week ide go with you on the boat. If you are going to hike in there is a designated bow fishing area on the south east shoreline.

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