Governor's budget plan grows green staff


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Jan 16, 2003
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"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's near-and-dear fight to make the state greener is adding a lot of new jobs to the state's already-in-the-red payroll."

"The governor's latest budget proposal calls for no fewer than 211 greenhouse-gas busters to be sprinkled throughout state government, at an annual cost of $55.4 million."

"That's 77 more greenies than are on the payroll this year."

"The new jobs range from $36,000-a-year accounting technicians to $102,000-a-year attorneys to draft and enforce green regulations"

"In addition to what's in the spending plan, there are "off budget" goodies - like the $600 million the state Public Utilities Commission has decided to spend over the next decade for a new Climate Change Institute at UC Berkeley, to be funded by utility customers."

No wonder they call us the land of fruits and nuts...

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