Great Trip, Kansas Rio


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Took a trip to Kansas and was able to connect with what is perhaps my best Rio to date, 11 inch beard and 1 1/4" spurs. The story was the trip itself, an incredible drive through amazing country. Everything from desert vistas to snow capped mountains and views of some of my favorite areas in Utah. Even though I had two tags and could have punched both of them I decided not to shoot a Jake on this trip and ended up with just one GIANT Rio.

Overall my season in California has been rough, missed a bird with my bow and had a lot of birds come within range but never presented a good shot. Prior commitments will keep me from going out again but it was a memorable season non the less.
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Wtg check! Hella of a nice bird. Glad u had a great trip and Great pics, thnx 4 sharing!... tra

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