Gross things in rabbits


Sep 4, 2016
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I eat jack rabbit (dont understand the stigma against eatng them) and so far ive ran into only 2 rabbits that have had them. The first one was no biggie. A bit of a shocker though because ive never seen or even heard of them being in california before. I just cut around the warble hole and voila. The second one i wasnt so lucky. The damn thing was oozing pus from this huge bulge on its rear haunch. The pus got all over the loins and my knife and i couldnt evem bring myself to continue dressing it for fear of having the meat tainted. Theyre gross. I hate the damn things. I felt bad for wasting the hare but i came to the conclusion that i did him the favor by putting him out of his misery. He had at least 3 larva in him.

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