groundhog success


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Mar 27, 2009
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went out with my uncle back in PA a week or so ago out to a row of 3 fields my cousin's and I harvest the corn at. it had just been harvested so the little bastards weren't out as much, but I still got 2.

I was using my cousin's 270 Remington deer rifle. anyways we pulled up to the first field, and got out slowly and got everything loaded and ready. the first field is really small and isn't a corn field, it's a small little field with a gas well. to make it more visual, when you get of the road onto the bank, it's about a 30 foot curve down to the field, on the side of the curve a bunch of tall grass/oats/wheat is there, its like a border. anyways, my uncle is ahead of me, we walk about 5 feet and see one eating. my uncle set up the rifle for me and I crawled over to it (no, I'm not over exaggerating, for those of you who've never been chuck hunting, the little ########################ers will stare right at you got 10 minutes without moving a muscle). so anyways I got it in the sight, we were about 10 yards away and it was pretty brutal. when I took the picture (the only one took with my phone, second one didn't save) we had to position it for the ones back here in California who most of them don't hunt.

the second groundhog was in the third field over, right next to the barn. the barn is level with the road, and the land sticks out so there's a small bank to stand on with grass where you can see the 2 main fields. we had seen 3 groundhogs (this isn't deer hunting folks, you see one, you shoot at it, even if you don't have a good shot, the farmers love you for it), one was small and I missed it, it was right above its hole, the second one i missed by a hair, it blew it on its back, then it ran away. The last groundhog we saw was about 250 yard away, I shot at it right when it started eating and flew right over it, it ran about 5 yards and stopped, and I popped it right in the lungs at about 255 yards, that picture is on my uncles camera and I'll upload it when I get it emailed or put on on facebook.

sorry for the long story, I treat every hunt like a once in a lifetime chance and can't get enough of each one even if it's not successful.


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