Gun show this weeked


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Just wanted to see if any one was going to the gun show this weekend in San Diego. I looks as if myself and MPMI and maybe Ammo will be there Saturday morning a little after 10am :flame-2::shootin::laser-shoot::gunfighter::bandit:



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Welcome to JHP Pigeater

I will more than likely be at the Crossroads show on Saturday.  I think of few of the guys going will have the green JHP stickers on their trucks.

Maybe we can all meet up for one of those famous sausages they always have at the show.


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How about 11am in front of the Sausage vendor?  Grab a bite to eat, park our butts on the curb around the corner, maybe have a beer, and tell lies... :smile-big-blue:

I'll be wearing a blue denim Browning ball cap, and have a back pack on...

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I'll be wearing a black Super-X hat

I'll be with Foulshot.  I know who WBH is, so it shouldn't be a problem.

See ya there.


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WBH & MPMI, I got the ok from the wife so I'll be there.  I don't plan a day in advance though on my wardrobe.
WBH, bring your cell.

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