H&R 45-70

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I bought the H&R 45-70 yesterday the one with the 22" barrel, took it out, and shot it today. I absolutely love this gun. I'll post the picture later. This gun gives me an extra week of hunting which is the only reason I bought it.


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Man, you'd better start eatin a lot of rice, doughnuts and potato chips. That thing'll kick your ancestors!

Cool gun, dude!


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I bought a Marlin 45-70 rifle(22" barrel) 5 years ago and when I shoot at the range.........I wear my shoulder recoil pad and in addition I also put on a soft rubber recoil "slip on pad" at the rifle butt.........and that thing is still kicking like a mule.........by the way I shoot those 45-70 hot loads from Garrett Cartridges. Without the shoulder recoil pad and the slip on butt stock soft rubber pad, I can only shoot 2 bullets before my shoulder is hurting like it had been pounded by 2x4's. However............when shooting at hogs, I am NOT AWARE of a sharp kick.................I am aware of just pulling the trigger and the hog's reaction to having been shot is what I remember. Must be the adrenaline masking the jolt of the recoil. 'Nuff said


I have a Handi 45/70
I absolutely love it!
I reload for it, and shoot 405 gr bullets at around 1850fps.
It does have lots of recoil, sure don't want to shoot it all day at the range, but when I'm hunting with it, I don't notice a thing!

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