H.S Rack Tracker digital Camera


Mar 11, 2001
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FYI, Avalanche posted this on another forum.

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I purchased the New H.S. Rack Tracker digital Camera from Cabelas a couple of weeks ago and returned it today. The battery life was about 7 days, more than half the pictures taken looked like a test pattern and the pictures that you could see, were pictures of deer rumps. The LCD screen Quit working within days. When I approched the return counter at Cabelas another guy was just finishing up his return of one, he stated he had the same problems. I asked the clerk if they were seeing alot of them returned and she rolled her eyes and yes. She said the Stealth Cam Digital was another one that they were seeing alot of returns on. Of course I wanted to trade it for the Cuddeback, but they were sold out so I placed a back order for one, I hope I have better luck with it.[/b]

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