Has anyone ever seen this before?


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Sep 17, 2003
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I found this site by accident but it had me shaking my head. I got to believe the folks in charge would have enough sense to realize this would be killing the golden goose but who knows.


A Call for Changes in Out-of-State
Hunter Regulation

Dear fellow outdoorsmen:

Recently, a letter has gone out to members of Wyoming's legislature and to the seven members of the Board of Commissioners for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department calling for changes in access to game for out-of-state hunters.

Specifically, the letter has requested our legislators and Game and Fish Commissioners to create a rule that postpones the opening day for out-of-state hunters to ONE WEEK AFTER the opening day for Wyoming hunters in our general areas, if not all areas. As you may or may not be aware, most of these hunters hold licenses for game that has the same opening day as those held by Wyoming hunters.

The result in recent years has been an over-crowding of many hunting locations, especially in general areas. Out-of-state hunters account for as much as 50% of the hunters present in the field on opening day in many hunters' favorite locations.

The presence of out-of-state hunters in our areas greatly reduces our own chances of hunting success, while at the same time putting increased pressure on our wilderness.

One cannot argue the fact that out-of-state license fees are a great economic boost to our state, let alone the monies those hunters spend in our communities for food, lodging, gas, and other things.

Nonetheless, Wyoming hunters should have the first opportunities to take Wyoming game. A rule of this nature would greatly improve the hunting experiences of Wyoming hunters, and it is hoped that with enough support from resident hunters it can become a reality. Don't hesitate to help support this move toward improved hunting for Wyoming's hunters.


Sep 27, 2002
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Whose the Rocket Scientist that dreamed this up.
I used to hunt Wyoming a lot.
I think the Points thing took care of this issue.
Not to mention the fact that a lot of out of state hunters get a tag on the fly and then have no clue as to where to begin.
6 Elk Tags in the Ferris Mountains. For Non Res Elk.
Some great bulls there.
A buddy of mine drew it right out the gate.
I tried for 10 years and zippo.
Gave up.
Yeah. With Yahoos on Quads.


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Sep 2, 2002
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That crap and hi fees is why i have mostly given up hunting in western US--SD and ND give res ex time in field and rob us on lic--I have enough trophies on walls and memories in head from 25 yrs in AK and 15 out west.


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Jun 25, 2001
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Hello most of the hunting is on "federal lands" not state lands owned by the state residents. I talked to a state game warden there a few years back and he said "90% of his violations are written to residents not non-residents" so who really cares about the game.


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