have a question for y'all, Sighting in a rifle


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While I'm not saying it's imposible to bunge your rifle to your sled it's a good idea to know what your gun will do if your barrel is floated and you hold it down. Pay the money for your ammo and shoot it. It sucks to drop the money but it's better than spending $200 buck on gas supplies and other stuff to miss your shot when you have it and go home empty handed.
The deal with clamping the rifle isn't about it being the end of sighting in your rifle, it is a shortcut that allows you to center your next group more easily without wasting any ammo walking it in. And you don't ever shoot it clamped down, you only clamp it to move your crosshairs onto your group.


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If your dead on at 25 yards you will be shooting 3'' high at 100 yards.Its true test it I have my own range and have sight in many hunters rifles.Then from one yards you can lower your shots to what ever you want.

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