Have You Been Through A State or Government

Have You Been Through A State or Government

  • No, I was/am in the miltary and hunter safety was waived

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  • No, but I would like to attend a class

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I went through the course with my daughter 2 years ago. My thought was how could I preach gun saftey if I had never been through the course myself? I went to the classes last year with my second daughter. Today I just finished the instructors training and got my certificate.We have a lot of first time youngsters plus quite a few experienced hunters who need a hunter saftey card to hunt out west.


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I attended with my daughter in 1999 and have been through the handgun course for the CWP, then again recently as an R/O for a CWP course.

I very much enjoyed spending time with my daughter and since that time I attended the course back 30+ some OOO years back the more recent course discussed a lot of ethics and survival skills to the youngsters. which was not part of the program when I was a youth.

I will admit I even learned a thing or two in the survival part of the class, mainly products to start fires with that were better than my previous methods.

I have never worried about myself in the woods if caught out over night as I always go prepared, but what about children that might be separated from us for an overnighter here in Montana. The class made me re think my survival program to ensure their survival if lost as just sitting and waiting for help here could and has been be fatal to hunters...

I thought the program was a pretty good very basic course...


And at the risk of attracting criticism, I will disclose that I and some others are in the process of developing a "Pilot Line" Hunters Safety and Shooting Program here in my area.

To promote safety and shooting skills to youth as to allow them lots of actual "trigger time" on about 1000 acres.

We plan on building a Field Course in a gully to walk the students through with targets at various ranges to include up hill and down hill shots some to made prone, sitting and standing shots. We hope to duplicate then teach actual shooting solutions to them in various terain that they will encounter in the field.

The training will be for the most part hands on for them instead of just listening to someone say "dont do that", but instead we will *Show* them why not.

There is a lot more to this program, but I dont know how some might react to this post so I will leave well enough alone and quit while I am ahead...

Augustis ><>


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Hey Spud, do they still offer it back in NC? I took mine out there too (Jacksonville in 86). That would never get offered out here in Kalifornia lol.


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I'm not sure, I took mine in the fall of 91' (Caldwell County). I have a younger sister and I don't think they offered it when she was there.


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i took mine in 1984 when i was in the FFA. i am at an age where im not required to have it in florida but in alot of the states i would like to hunt in i need it so i recentlly contacted the state and they still had the records and sent me a new card.

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I have a question. In CA, f you are under 12 and you are hunting small game you can go through hunter safety and get your hunting license? If this is true how long has this been law. I took hunter safety class when in 1989 when I was 12. I have always thought you need to be 12 yrs. old to get you hunting lic. no matter what.


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Didn't know I needed one - didn't need one in the 70's when I first started hunting. And in the military, didn't need one to hunt S.C. Hmmmm.... does that mean that I will now need to have a hunter's safety course to get a license in PA?


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I spent 8 hours of classroom time. We also had to learn to PROPERLY load and unload different firearms each with different actions. I believe they were (lever, bolt ,semiauto, and breakopen actions. We also had a portion of muzzle loader. If you messed up , the instructor would yell and make you really uncomfortable while the rest of the class laughed at you! I think he was a former drill seargent. Boy i sure have not forgotten proper gun safty!

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Here in Arizona we do not need a class to hunt but I took it for two reasons. 1) we get a perminent bonus point for big game hnts 2) It will allow me to hunt states that require a HSC under your belt.

The class was very interesting. So much experience to draw upon even from the 12 year olds. The most worthwhile part of the class to me was Safety. Man, when they showed the reinactments of hunts, of outdoor trips gone bad, it makes you double check your Day pack for the right stuff.

SAfety lesson: My budddy and I hunt a lot of up/down, rough canyons etc, we NEVER chamber a round until it's needed. Too easy to be climbing or sliding and have the safety come off and get a stick inside the trigger guard-it's happened to people I know. We have never missed an opportunity because of this precaution.

Hunt Safe,


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Took in Idaho 1983 and California 1990. Would recommend both.

My step-son would like to shoot, but no class, no shooting, that's the rule.

I've seen too many stupid maneuvers with firearms in the field and at public ranges not to support safety classes.

I'll go with my daughter when she's old enough. Looking forward to it.

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