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The petition drive is well under way. We have gathered thousands of signatures and still need more. We need YOUR signature to help us voice our objection to the new anti-gun laws.

Please, locate a petition signing host near you and go there to sign the petitions. There are 7 referendum petitions and 2 non-gun related initiatives (total of 9 signatures required per person). To find a petition host near you, follow the link and enter your zip code. The map will update and show you where you can go.


Note: You MUST BE a registered voter to sign. If you're not registered or don't know if you're registered, you can check with your County Elections Commission to find out. Or, you can follow this link:


The Sec of State link will show you where to find out if you're registered in your County. Remember, you can always not vote for these in November. At this point we are trying to get them on the ballot so everyone has a chance to decide if they want their rights taken away or now. PLEASE SIGN and vote this November.
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I have been following the issues closely. What is your organizations take on if the people will be for or against us?

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I don't speak for the org. Sorry. However, I'm getting a definite feeling that a whole lot of gun owners aren't aware of what's been stolen from them. When they find out, they tend to get PISSED about it.

If that anger holds or builds, come November our legislative tyrants are going to get a shock. There are 8 million gun owners in California. 8 million pissed off gun owners can speak softly and STILL make their voice heard. Even to deaf idiots.

What I don't get are those who are apathetic about this because they don't think it affects them. Reloaders think they're exempt. So they might be this time around but make no mistake, next year there will be a new law outlawing reloading components just like ammo. Same with archery. Bows and equipment may soon have to be transported in a locked container just like firearms. Paintball and the like will follow. Mandatory insurance requirements are already being floated around the capitol.

Because it's not for safety any longer. It's about regulation of our Rights to the point we cannot tell them no and make it stick. For a political party which is all about keeping people out of jail, it sure does make a lot of new laws so that law abiding people suddenly become criminals who go to jail. Meanwhile they get to do all sorts of illegal and unethical things without consequence.

It's past the time to step up. Which is why we're in the hole we're in now. Register, sign, and VOTE!

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