Heads up on ordering camo. Desert Shadow & TRUSAGE


Mar 11, 2001
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King's Desert Shadow camo is backordered until late Sept. We have a few items left but after they are gone that's it. Customers are already banging my phone looking for stuff.

We just set up to sell TRUSAGE camo so we'll have something in a sage pattern for our western hunters. It's not in the store yet but if you want TRUSAGE just call us and we can take a phone order until we get the TRUSAGE loaded into the store software which should be this weekend.

Don't let last-minute-itus get you, if you need gear allow lots of time to get it because this is the busy time of year for the manufacturers and backorders are starting to pile up. Order at least 6 weeks before you'll need the gear to be safe.


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Jul 1, 2004
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My first introduction with Truesage was at Raahauges Shooting Sports fair a couple of years ago but they didn't have any 2XLT shirts or Jackets so I was unable to purchase any,I was unaware Truesage was for sale here until I surfed the site.Another company I was impressed with at the SHOT Show is Every Wear West located in Buffalo,WY with their Western Breakup Camo I ordered some pants today and was told their web site has been down for upgrades and should be back up shortly everywearwest@wyoming.com or Ph 307-684-5674.

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