Hello Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 10, 2001
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Hey Jessie,
   Long time since I last talk to you. I was in Belgrade untill the 25th of Oct. I was to return back in Late Sept., but because of the 9-11, I was unable to return untill the later Oct. I was able to get home soon enough to get a few deer, but was unable to get home to scout my hunting club before hunting. The game camera, and video camera's done a good job for me. I hate to get ahold of you like this, but I will soon leave the states again for Russia. This will be the last year, or the spring of next year, will be the last that I will have to be leaving the country, for buisness. I should email you, but I know that you are flocked. I am trying to give a little input on some of the things that I do to help, but I don't know that it is much. I am still wanting to donate a Treespy camera outfit to one of your contest! Just let me know when it will happen. I will be leaving again soon, but I will let my partner know, and he can send it.
   Take care, and have a Happy New Year!!!!


Mar 11, 2001
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Well hello stranger, good to hear from you.

I wondered when you were going to find you're way back home. I've been yearning to get back overseas here lately myself.

We sure appreciate any help you can lend here with the camera stuff. I saw your deer pic, holy mackerel that's a big deer. Not too bad for limited scouting huh?

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