Help identifying correct contacts on digital cam


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Jan 25, 2004
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I got this old digital camera free and I am trying to figure out the contacts for hooking up the Shutter, refresh/focus, common on the shutter and power. I think I almost got it figured out but would like some opinions. See the diagram attached for reference. The shutter button is set up like this:
- 1/2 shutter button press contacts B to C and causes camera to focus
- full shutter button press contacts B to C and then C to A and causes shutter to release.

My questions is which contact is which?
A is likely the shutter
B I think is the Refresh &
C is the common since it sits in the middle (I think).

When I took a piece of wire and connected A to C and then A to B nothing happened.

Now I think it supposed to be important that I figure this out correctly before conecting this to a control board. I was thinking about using the Universal Pixcontroller using the Minolta-Upic chip (again I'm not sure?).

Also, for the power switch (see diagram), it's a simple on/off switch with two wires coming in to the switch. Does it matter which is used to run to a control board? If so which one?

Any help on this would be great.


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