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Mar 11, 2004
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Im almost done,Im trying to bring up Pix Lanc user switch page,its telling me no preview available,not sure if its my computer or not,wondering if anyone else could try and retrieve this info for me,thanks guys.

D Letho

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Jul 21, 2002
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Not sure if the new uni board has the same settings but try this link . It was for the LANC board I have .




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Nov 14, 2001
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seems up now here is text version1
PixController Universal LANC-U User Switch Settings
Copyright ©, PixController, Inc., all rights reserved
The User Control Switch (SW1) will let you customize how the LANC Camcorder Control Board
will trigger the Camcorder. Here you can adjust the time delay between pictures, operating only
at day, night, or 24 hours, setting up a walk-test mode for testing PIR range/area, set how long
the camcorder will record, and turning the control board LED’s on or off.
Note: When turning power on to your Universal board both the red and green LED will light up.
They will both stay on for 30 seconds. If you see a blinking red LED it means no LANC signal
is found, thus no camcorder is connected. This time will allow the PIR circuit to warm up. After
this time expires the green LED will turn off and the red LED will blink 5 times letting you know
that the board is entering a 1 minute automatic walk-test phase. At this point you can move
around the camera setup and check out the PIR area. Both the green and red LED’s will light
when motion is detected. After the 1 minute automatic walk-test phase expires the red LED will
blink 5 times letting you know the camera system will now become active.
Modes of Switch Operation
Default Setting
All switches “UP” except switch 9 which is “DOWN”.
No Delay between pictures, 24 Hour Recording, 30 Seconds/Continuous recording time, Control
Red indicated the switch position for all graphics below.
Delays Between Video Shots Setting
Switches 1, 2, and 3 control the delays between video shots.
No Delay 30 Seconds Delay 1 Minute Delay
2 Minute Delay 5 Minute Delay 10 Minute Delay
15 Minute Delay 20 Minute Delay
Day/Night Operation Settings
Switches 4 and 5 control Daylight, Night Time, and 24 Hour recording or pictures.
24 Hour Operation Night Only Operation Day Only Operation
PIR Walk-Test Mode
On boot up of the Universal board this setting will put the unit into a PIR Walk-Test mode. Here
you can check out the PIR detection area without having the unit take photos. When booting the
Universal board into this mode the RED Control LED and Green PIR LED will stay on for about
30 seconds. This is when the PIR is warming up. After this period of time has expired you are
free to walk and test the PIR area.
Note: To put the PixController back into “Photo Taking Mode” change the switch settings of
switch 4 and 5 to one of the three options above under the Day/Night Operation Setting, and
power the PixController unit Off and On from the external power switch.
PIR Walk-Test Mode
Camcorder Recording Time
Switch 6 and 7 sets the recording time of the Camcorder on a PIR event.
30 Seconds or as long
as motion is present 1 Minute
2.5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Control LED On/Off Setting
Switch 8 sets if the Control LED (Red LED) is to be used or not. Note, the control LED will
always be on during the Power-Up Phase, or when in Walk-Test Mode.
Control LED On Control LED Off
PIR LED On/Off Setting
Switch 9 sets if the PIR LED (Green LED) is to be used or not.
When changing switch setting you must re-boot your PixController board.
When re-booting you must wait approximately 30 seconds before turning
power on again. Not doing so can result in the controller not working
properly. Symptoms of this are a dim red LED or blinking green LED, or
Copyright ©, PixController, Inc., all rights reserved.
PixController, Inc.
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