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Jul 5, 2009
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My partner and I are looking for guidence and direction on Hunter Ligget elk hunting. We are both 72 this season but in good health. We decided to try to draw the archery cow hunt in October. While we have 50 years of hunting experience, very little of it is on elk and none is on Hunter Ligget. We decided to try this hunt because of a good chance to draw and to be quite honest, at our age; each day is a gift from god and We would hate to see all those points go to waste!
With the economy being what it is and being addicted to hunting and fishing our entire lives, hiring a guide service is out of the question. If any one is willing to share some info, it would be deeply appreciated. I also need to know where to find some good maps of the hunting area. I am also trying to find info about the campground on the base. Looking for a good start to a short hunt. Thank you for your time.


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Apr 10, 2005
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You will have more response if you post it on the elk forum. and no worry about calijeep he is one of guys that know the base.

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