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Background - I've built two cams using the following, PIR MS20, Canon Owl SRSht PF, 12v 7ah battery, and the wiring used on "Jesse's Cam Website (Wiring = PIR MS20 Setup third pic down)". I used two switches, one for the LED, and one for the camera. This way I can use the camera without the LED, or the LED without use of the camera...for testing purposes. Okay, so I have everything wired, and everything works fine, but I don't have a delayed time after the first picture is taken. My cam will continue to snap pictures as long as the sensor is tripped.

So, in response to this dilema, I bought two timers (K8015)from Quality Kits (Canadian). The timers have two time delays, delay1 & delay2.

Hypothetically, if delay1=5 minutes and delay2=15 minutes this is what should happen:
1.) A deer trips the sensor and a picture is immediately taken.
2.) Then delay1 begins 5 minute picture is taken until 5 minutes has passed, correct?
3.) After 5 minutes has passed....a deer trips the camera again.
4.) Delay2 begins a 15 minute picture is allowed to be taken until 15 minutes has passed.
5.) After 15 minutes a deer trips the sensor, and the camera snaps a picture.
6.) The timer resets itself to delay1 (5 minutes, correct?
7.) A deer trips the sensor, but a picture is not taken until 5 minutes has passed? Or A deer trips the sensor, and a picture is taken, then the 5 minute delay begins?

Anyway, my most important question is....I cannot get the timer hooked up correctly. Has anyone used this timer? Do you have a diagram showing how you connected it? Again, I used the diagram at Jesse's website (under PIR MS20 Setup..3rd picture) for my setup. It works without the timer, but when I incorporate the timer I cannot get it to work. Both timers work, I've tested and set delay1 and delay2. By trial and error, I don't want to short one of the timers, they are expensive.

Any help would be appreciated.  

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Mar 18, 2001
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SmokinBarrel I purchased the same kit you got, I think. The way it should work is the first delay is to hold the shutter closed on the camera, I set mine for three seconds, this is the on time.
The second delay is for how long you want the camera to sit idle before taking another picture, this is the off time, mine is set for ten minutes, its on a feeder.
Hope this helps, mine has worked good so far.

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