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Mar 11, 2001
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From on Roger over on the Refuge

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has allowed hunting on the White Slough Wildlife Area for many years. White Slough WA is 880 acres of DWR land set aside for public use with the help of DFG. There is property north and south of Highway 12, a location north of Woodbridge Rd, and one south of Walnut Grove Rd, all of these are about a mile west of I-5. The property known as Pond 6, is approximately 100 acres north of Woodbridge Road.

Next to this formerly huntable piece (eastern border), is a closed property used for grazing cattle. A biological study was set up on this pasture, next to the Pond 6 property. Because it was set so close to the Wildlife Area they shut down all of Pond 6 for "safety reasons". Initially this was set as temporary closure and would reopen within 5-7 years.

That was about 10 years ago, it is still closed, and there hasn't been any date to reopen Pond 6. With the lack of public hunting areas in San Joaquin County this 100 acre closure is a huge piece of public land available for hunting.

So, I would like to get support from anyone willing to help. We need letters or emails to show DWR that the Pond 6 area is important to us hunters. These letters can be sent with the heading 'White Slough Project' to P.O. Box 2299 Lodi, Ca 95241 and emails to me,

The biologist doesn't want an overload of calls and emails so she asked me to gather them. As I gather the letters I will send them together in a package to Stockton DFG office were they will be presented to DWR in order to make the case for reopening Pond 6. Please help me, help you, help all hunters that need local public hunting spots.

They are also talking of using White Slough Wildlife Area for junior pheasant hunts again. So when that starts to solidify, I'll be back asking for help for those interested.



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Oct 3, 2011
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Just curious. Have they opened it yet? Also, how's the quail huntin at White Slough? Heading to Lodi next week and am looking for a good place to bag some quail.


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Sep 29, 2009
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Hey Mac, I live in Sacramento and have heard of White Slough but dont know anything specific about it. It would be great if there was more open public land in San Joaquin county if there are any birds there. For some reason you dont find many pheasants south of the rice fields around Sacramento and parts north of here. That area might hold some quail. Please pm me at if you hear anything positive about WS. Thanks

Dave Nelson


Oct 23, 2010
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I've been out to Pond 5 off of Walnut Grove Rd, there is some decent upland habitat but the game is pretty scarce out there. A few quail and rabbits, and the occasional duck flying over the pond. Lots of 7 1/2-8 shot shells on the ground so I guess guys do OK shooting doves out there. The pond is too deep to set up decoys and there is no cover out in the middle anyways. I drove out to the Pond 6 area a few years back and it seemed like a serviceable area for waterfowl, it was a marsh like area and there were a decent amount of birds flying. Would be good to get that area open and see what is going on in there, may be some decent land to hunt.
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