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Help save one of the last shrimp boats in the sf Bay Area


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This is a local Benicia business where I grew up.guess he is barely staying afloat,couldn't imagine Benicia bait and tackle not being around my home town when I get the itch to get out and do some fishing.


Benicia Bait & Tackle has been in its present location since 1972. After numerous owners, it was purchased in 2000 by Curtis and Pam Hayes. It was their dream to provide local anglers with expertise knowledge, affordable fishing gear and the best quality bait available. After 10 years of struggling to get grass shrimp and bullheads from other suppliers, they decided to purchase the “Hailey Haze.”
Through hard work, Captain Curtis renovated the old boat and brought her back to her original glory. He then learned how to operate the trawler and began consistently supplying the shop with the much sought after baits. Even when the shrimp became scarce due to 4 years of drought, he worked all hours of the day and night, going out when other shrimpers wouldn’t, to keep bait available to all of our customers.
Last year the Hailey Haze started having mechanical issues which resulted in the purchase of a new transmission in May, and a complete overhaul of her hull in October, which kept her out of the water for nearly 4 months, impacting the business tremendously. Thinking she was past the worst, Hailey Haze was back in the water. In February, despite Captain Curtis’ ongoing routine inspection and maintenance, a fluke disconnection of an oil pump hose created a catastrophic failure of the crank shaft and pistons, once again needing thousands of dollars to repair her. With the loss of income from Hailey Haze being out of the water, Captain Curtis lacks the funds to complete the final steps in making her sea worthy again.
The downward swing of the economy, the decline of the fishing industry, and the drought has affected more bait and tackle shops with nearly a dozen closing in the Sacramento and Bay Area in the past 3 years.
Benicia Bait & Tackle is reaching out to the fishing community for support with donations that will go directly to getting Hailey Haze back up and working for the fishermen who depend on her.

Here is the go fund me link


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