Help: Trying to figure out California muzzle loader hunting

yellow dog

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I am a long time hunter and would like to try black powder muzzle loading. I will probably mainly hunt in California and Colorado. Both have similar rules.

In line muzzle loader, cannot load through breech, no smokeless powder, no sabots, no scopes, California is copper only so I would like to stick with copper only ammo.

I looked at powerbelts but they do not come in copper just copper plated.

Can someone give me a list of what they use so I can cut down the learning curve by months. I know I am asking a lot but right now I am really lost.


Yellow Dog


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As far as copper bullets go, I use Spit fire TMZ 50 cal. I would also recommend going with a peep sight instead of iron sight. Hope this helps you get started. I use this set up even in states where scopes are allowed.

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